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Welcome to New Zealand,
Australia & the Pacific Islands

Package Tours Downunder

Fabulous New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands travel packages designed for you - tailor-made itineraries for individual travellers and groups. We offer self-drive and special interest tours for travel agents as well as independent travellers and we extend a particularly warm welcome to travellers from German speaking countries.

Our New Zealand and Australian group tours present aspects of both countries that are especially fascinating for the international visitor. We have a real passion for nature and can show you amazing places and sights. Enjoy the warmth and friendliness of the people in the South Pacific and relax in a luxurious surrounding full of stunning beaches and other natural treasures. Experience the beautiful “other end of the world” with us and enquire today:

Please follow the link to a collection of affordable boutique Bed & Breakfasts and Lodges in NZ and the South Pacific
Our 1,2,3 Go campaign adds even greater value to your holiday !

Travel New Zealand

Take advantage of our experience and local contacts to explore NZ, be it a guided tour in English, German, French or another language, or one of our Group or Special Interest Tours. If you are into fine wining and dining, consider a luxury travel package. Or you may wish to travel using one of our self-drive tours. Explore our website and discover how we can help you plan your itinerary for holidaying in NZ.

Travel Australia

We will create for you a tailor-made itinerary to suit your area of interest or if you prefer, choose from a variety of self-drive packages and itineraries. Explore our website and discover how we can help you plan your itinerary for holidaying in Australia.

Travel Pacific Island

Enjoy your escape to the Pacific Islands, be it for single people, couples or families. Explore our website and discover how we can help you plan your itinerary for when holidaying in Fiji and other South Pacific Islands.

Luxury Travel

Discover how you can travel the South Pacific in luxury, travel Australia in luxury, and travel New Zealand in luxury. Explore our website and discover how we can help you plan your itinerary for a luxury holiday in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific, including Fiji.

Tour Wholesalers and Travel Agents

ANZ Mature Tours is a full-service inbound tour operator offering special New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands travel packages. Our services are available to tour wholesalers, travel agencies and tour organisers, along with educational and other organisations. We provide a more intimate experience of destinations that are “off the beaten track”.

If you search for a Destination Management Company (DMC) overseas to build up a strong and reliable partnership, contact our team and benefit from our knowledge as one of the leading incoming agents for New Zealand. We can provide individuals and groups with a tailor-made travel package. With our broad range of luxury products we are able to serve the upper market and offer very competitive rates. We look forward to giving all travellers outstanding experiences in amazing locations around New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands!

Luxury travel Australia

A Journey through Middle-earth

We attract travellers to the real Middle-earth

Please contact us for our new Seat-in-Coach tour 15 Days - A Journey through Middle-earth , a small international group tour with regular departures. Also enquire for our self drive tours following the films.

Starring in the upcoming movie The Hobbit, New Zealand’s scenic landscape is the backdrop for the country’s latest 100% Pure New Zealand international campaign to inspire travellers to visit the reality that is Middle-earth.The release of the latest TNZ television and cinema commercial tells a compelling story of how the cinematic fantasy world of Middle-earth —as revealed in the upcoming fantasy adventure motion picture The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey— is in fact the reality of New Zealand.It targets all potential travellers to New Zealand portraying the country’s stunning scenery and unique activities and experiences, coupled with Middle-earth-themed narration.The 100% Middle-earth television and cinema commercial launched by Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) shows the world that the big screen imagery is more than a fleeting glimpse of fantasy; instead the film locations are real places that visitors can enjoy.

Travel the South Pacific and visit the paradise islands of Fiji

Travel the South Pacific and visit the paradise islands of Fiji

If you are looking for luxury, we can provide a range of excellent luxurious travel options including stays in world-class accommodation, fine food and wine as well as top end activities.

Ask us! We will create an itinerary for your travel in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific to suit your specific interests.

Get some impressions for your travel to New Zealand!

Independent Travellers

As a specialised tour operator, ANZ Nature Tours designs tailor-made tours and experiences for free independent travellers (FIT) and special interest groups. We offer regular, scheduled tours around New Zealand and Australia on board our own fleet of coaches. You will get valuable insider tips and visitors’ information when travelling with us. We would be pleased to assist you with a complete booking service for rental cars and campervans for your holiday downunder.

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