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Travel the Pacific Islands & Fiji with ANZ Nature Tours

Bula Vinaka! Welcome to ANZ Nature Tours – Travel Pacific Islands & Fiji section

Enjoy your luxury escape to the Pacific Islands, be it for single people, couples or families. Discover the small islands and archipelagos of the Pacific Ocean. Allow us to create your personalised itinerary for travel in the South Pacific, including your accommodation in Fiji and the other South Pacific islands.

Sprinkled like stars on the night sky, thousands of small islands and archipelagos dot the Pacific Ocean, creating a chain of beauty that stretches from Asia to the New World. Coral islands with white sandy beaches have drawn many visitors, explorers and adventurers to this part of the world. Populated by warm and friendly people, the mystique of travel to the South Pacific has endured over time, creating stories like "Shangri La" and similar. You will be welcomed with a smile upon arrival in the Pacific Islands. Enjoy the warmth and friendliness of your hosts when booking accommodation in Fiji. Relax in a surrounding full of stunning beaches and other natural treasures. The climate is ideally suited for the outdoors, water sports, beach and surf. There are plenty of fun opportunities to chose from when you travel to the South Pacific and Fiji: Scuba diving, wake boarding, water skiing, kayaking, jet boat riding, parasailing, snorkeling, game fishing, jet ski safaris, hobie cat sailing, fly fish riding, banana boat riding, hot air ballooning, sunset cruises, boarding luxury charters...
You will be welcomed with a smile when you travel to the South Pacific

You will be welcomed with a smile
when you travel to the South Pacific

Travel the Pacific Islands and Vanuatu with our tour guide Kar

Travel the Pacific Islands and Vanuatu with our tour guide Karl

Luxury Accommodation in Fiji, Vanuatu & Tahiti

Many luxury lodges have been built that now even exceed the imagination of the past. Created so that clients are pampered in surreal surroundings, they can rest in the shade of palm trees and sample local food. Crystal clear azure water invites the visitor to swim, often accompanied by the local sea life. Curious about the intruder, sea life swarms surround divers on their search for treasures on the ocean floor. Sitting outside on a warm night, the weary traveller can let go and the soft breeze coming from the sea will carry his worries away. View our accommodation in Fiji, the resort bures and luxury hotels available to you – for your luxury escape to the Pacific Islands!

The islands’ unique accommodation offers various kinds of categories and facilities for singles, couples and families with children. You have the choice of which tropical island or region you want to travel to, and then the choice of where to stay: either in a resort or in one of the luxury lodges – it is entirely up to you! With its diversity of romantic places, travels to the Pacific Islands and Fiji are made for honeymooners in the same way: Accommodation in Fiji arranges wedding ceremonies and offer special packages for couples. A personalised itinerary will ensure that not only do you have the best accommodation but as much adventure and relaxation as you can expect from a stay in such beauty. We would like to assist you with a tailor-made travel package, tell us more about yourself today.

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